Here’s why many social enterprises get forever stuck in startup mode

Growing your company’s impact should be an exciting time for you.

After years of honing your skills, inspiring others for your mission and working through weekends...

You DESERVE to be heading up an organisation that's famous and loved.

You deserve to be able to invest more money into making the world a better place.

All while operating as the confident, serene social entrepreneur with customers who are EQUALLY as excited and committed to bringing your vision to life.  

But for many social entrepreneurs, it didn’t quite work out that way:  

They wear more hats than ever.

Cancel more girls' nights out and family movie nights than ever...

And suffer through more isolation, burnout, and frustration than they should ever endure…

As they try to come to terms with the fact that dreadful things continue to happen to the communities they toil to transform.

If you’re ready to face the truth, here’s why:  

The only thing you’ll ever learn from other people’s ‘blueprints’ is what worked for them (not you)

The internet is full of tactics like growth hacking, ‘proven’ blueprints and people glorifying ‘the hustle’.

Yes, they can take you to the point where you can see *decent* changes for a while — but they come at the expense of no longer listening to your inner wisdom…  

And instead, following someone else's templates.

What if we treated "scaling impact" not as a box-ticking exercise with a one-size-fits-all methodology...

But as an expression of your individual entrepreneurial DNA, currently a dormant seed...

...ready to take shape and bear fruit as soon as we give it the space, nurture and light it requires

Headspace to scale your social enterprise is my invitation to discover that seed.  

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